Astrology and health- how are these two interrelated?

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Health is the state of thorough physical, mental, and social well-being and being free from mental sickness and physical pain. Health is a very important part of our life that we value only while we are not 100 percent fit. So an astrology consultation for Health could be a good decision, particularly during these times of Pandemic. Did you know that the position of the planets and stars during your birth could affect your Health and Wellness? Our blog shall let you dive deep into HEALTH and ASTROLOGY and shall guide you on how these two are related. While growing up you may hear the saying health is wealth but most people do not know the actual meaning and most of them do not realize how true this saying is!

Astrology and Human Body

Each sign of the zodiac governs or rules a precise part of the body. These associations date back to the source of astrology. The part of the body that a sign rules are in some ways the strongest area and in other ways the weakest area for an individual born under that sign

Along with the sign’s dominance over parts of the body, the planets are related to various glands in the body. These glands release hormones that keep the human body functioning. Each planet and each house corresponds to a definite part of the body. If the place or planet has the malefic effect, the body part might be affected badly. While the good influence of ascendant owners and fortunate planets provide good ability to deal with life and health.

Which house is seen for health?

In astrology, the 2nd, 6th, 8th, and 12th houses are accountable for causing disease. Out of these, the 6th house is the main house of diseases. Any difficulty to the 6th house shows a planetary combination for disease. A person will suffer from definite medical issues if the inhabitant in any of these houses is weak or otherwise debilitated. The 6th house reveals diseases, the 8th house is the house of surgery, and the 12th house demonstrates hospitalization. You can ask astrologer for a better understanding.

Which planet is responsible for good health?

We should know which planets source a negative influence on our Life and Health and here is a full guide on it. Wellness and Health has been the main concern of astrology and everyone must make use of this knowledge and make the best use of astrology.


Saturn is considered as the signification of teeth, legs, and skin. Saturn in the horoscope of the person provides health problems and health complications. Joint pain, Physical weakness, and blindness are caused due to weak Saturn.


Jupiter is the planet that affects your kidneys, ears, liver, etc. Jupiter in the horoscope of the person provides health complications and health problems. It plays a very important role in giving diabetes to the person. A weak Jupiter furthermore gives diseases connected to ears, tongue, and memory.


Venus is linked with the face, throat, vision, urine, etc. A person may have to suffer from an associated disease during the Dasha of Venus. Fever, blood loss Eye disorder, is caused because of weak Venus.


Mars is associated with blood, energy, the female body, etc. An individual might have to suffer and get problems connected to this disease. Weak bones, Brain disorders, piles, and knee problems are also caused because of weak Mars.


Rahu relates to body parts similar to legs, breathing, lungs, etc. It moreover gives problems connected to breathing, legs, lungs, etc, and cancer is also caused because of Rahu.


Ketu is related to your abdomen and stomach. It also provides diseases linked to lungs, fever, physical weakness, etc.

  • SUN:

It also rules the heart, skin, stomach, and head. A person might have to suffer and get problems associated with this disease similar to high fever, weakness, and mental sickness during the Dasha of sun. A weak sun furthermore gives health Problems in addition to health complications. Sun is related to the problem in your Bones

  • MOON

Moon is considered the significator of heart and mind. It rules the lungs, heart, breast, and brain. Problems associated with diabetes, lack of intelligence, sleeplessness, menstruation, cough, and vomiting are also caused because of a weak moon.

When these horrific planets are placed in bad houses similar to the 12th house, 8th house, and 6th house they would cause injuries and health problems

Final Word

Health issues sometimes could be beyond repair or involve exorbitant expenditures, both have far-reaching impacts. Learn more on how to see health from an astrology birth chart. It could be logical to get your health horoscope checked well in time. It could cost you some money but you would still stand to gain from it vastly.