25 easter egg hunt idea

  1. create Egg Hunt Bunny Bags

Give each youngster a personalized Easter bag in which to store their Easter eggs. You have to make your own bag.

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  1. flower Egg Hunt

Attach the flower on the egg and hide it amid your season flower beds for the kids to discover.

  1. Characters Easter Egg Hunt

Draw faces on your Easter eggs with coloured Permanent markers or other accessories to make them appear like charming figures.

  1. Egg Hunt Markers

Create an easter egg out of paper and attach it to Popsicle sticks on the back. Make notes on them with hints.

  1. Personalized Egg Hunt

On a plastic egg, write the name of each child. Tell the youngsters that they may only gather the eggs that have their surnames on them.

  1. Bowling egg Game

Make your own alley out of an empty container by gluing bunny ears on miniature bowling pins.

  1. Indoor egg Scavenger Hunt

Leave written hints about the house to direct children to their candy baskets and brightly coloured eggs.

  1. Prank the Eggs

To enhance your Easter egg exciting, mix in certain fake eggs among the actual ones.

  1. Activity easter Egg Hunt

Instead of sweets, stuff the egg with a bit of paper. Instruct them to perform enjoyable active activities on the sheet of paper.

  1. Balloon Help Egg Hunt

Fill a balloon with air and tie it to a thread or ribbon. Tie the thread around the eggs after that. 11. Bunny break Time

Healthier snacks like veggies and hard-boiled eggs should be placed in metal pans. and leave hints

  1. Glow-in-the-Dark Egg Hunt

Fill plastic eggs with a tiny glow stick. Wait until nightfall to scatter throughout your backyard.

  1. Technology Treat

Create personalized QR codes for people to scan with their phones to reveal the location of the next egg.

  1. Easter Egg Relay Race

Divide the kids into teams and conduct games for each team like the spoon egg challenge so after this person finishes he/ she will pass the challenge and it goes on like a baton relay.

  1. Reverse-the-Roles Game

Instead of sweets, have the children write out their wishes on paper and place them within the egg. Once eggs are full, the children conceal them while their parents search for them. Any eggs that aren’t discovered are desires that must be fulfilled.

  1. Rainbow Hunt

Collect eggs in every colour of the rainbow and spread them across the backyard. Instruct the children to locate the eggs in the rainbow’s right order.

  1. Golden Egg

Incorporate a few golden eggs into your Egg hunt. Keep a rare ticket hidden inside these gold eggs.

  1. Word play Egg Hunt

Pick a word, such as “Easter,” then write one letter for each Easter egg. After that, have the youngsters go egg hunting with the objective of spelling out the word “Easter.”

  1. Follow the Bunny leftovers

Spray painting bunny patterns on the grass will direct smaller children to each egg.

  1. Freeze eggie

When the song ends, the youngsters must come to a complete stop and remain still. If you break your freeze, you must re-hide an egg from your basket.

  1. Matching Eggie Hunt

Place numbered eggs in a huge container filled with Easter grass and let the kids rummage through it to discover them! Once you’ve located them all, have your kids match each paper number to the corresponding numbered egg.

  1. Fortune Egg

Fill plastic eggs with a little goodie and scribble humorous fortune on strips of paper.

  1. Eggie Puzzle

Purchase a puzzle and place the pieces inside plastic eggs. After you’ve located them all, have the kids collaborate to make the picture!

  1. Scavenger in the Wild If plastic eggs aren’t available this year, make a list of natural and garden-friendly items and have the kids collect them.
  1. Easter Eggs with a Twist from Egg-Stra

Whether you’re using real-looking artificial eggs or colorful plastic ones, adding painted-on graphics to your Easter eggs will make them even more fun and festive.

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