Essential Information About Cheek Augmentation With Silicone

Dermal fillers with silicon can improve the cheeks in multiple processes. They can also be utilized to SIM down the face by adding some extra volume to the cheeks and the definition to the particular cheekbones. Cheek silicone surgery (เสริม ร่อง แก้ม ด้วย ซิ ลิ โคน, which is the term in Thai) can help you to look more beautiful.

Depending on your particular look, they can be used to masculinize or feminize your face. So sure, you can get some additional information on cheek augmentation:

This Filler also can be used in the cheeks to restore the volume in the areas beneath the eyes, decreasing the hollowness & providing a more lifted appearance. It can provide your face a ‘contoured’ look, making this appear more defined, thinner, or more feminine or masculine (depending on how the Filler is applied). Cheek’s fillers soften wrinkles & some fine lines by injecting the volume beneath the skin’s surface.

What Is The Actual Method Like?

You will also plan the filler injection session after the consultation with the qualified practitioner, during which you will discuss the price, cost, & the desired results.

  • Planning The Procedure

You must not take any blood-thinning drugs, kike aspirin, for at least two weeks before that surgery. For cheek silicone surgery, you have to discuss it with your medical experts.

  • Steps Of That Procedure

You will also lie down in the sterilized environment for your appointment. The topical anaesthetic can be utilized at the injection site, / the numbing ingredient can already be included with that Filler. The injection procedure should also be straightforward & take no more than twenty minutes.

You will also be able to observe some of the results right after the injection. The Filler will also take a day / two to settle into the new location on your face.

After that operation, you can quickly drive & possibly return to work / some other appointments immediately. When you take this service from the best doctor, you do not need to worry about this.


It would help if you ignored sleeping on your cheeks for the 1st few days following that injection. After that, try to sleep on your back and face up. This would help if you ignored challenging exercise until forty-eight hours after that injection treatment while the Filler has entirely assumed its shape.