Is it possible to find a surrogate yourself?

Yes, there are undoubtedly many advertisements on the internet in which women offer their services as surrogate mothers. However, we strongly advise you to avoid such a practice of searching for yourself. The fact is that, given the high cost of surrogate services, there is a growing number of fraudsters who prey on parents who want to have their own child.

Such scammers can do anything – they can undergo an examination at your expense, take money for travel and simply leave, leaving you with nothing. After all, in such a case, you must pay for and completely monitor every step of the examination yourself.

Some unscrupulous surmamas may simply forge health certificates, claiming that they are fine, when in fact they are not.

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And worst of all, fraudulent surrogates will not take care of your baby, to the point of trying to induce a miscarriage. This is because, according to the standard contract, the parents have to pay the surrogate a penalty in case of a miscarriage, because she has spent time and effort as well as her health on this attempt. Especially the unscrupulous ones may start demanding huge amounts of money to be paid monthly, threatening to kill your baby otherwise.

Some ladies even manage to fake a pregnancy in order to get money to live on every month. And some, fearing that artificial insemination will fail, make love to their partners so that they can get pregnant for sure and have a baby – only perhaps not yours at all anymore.

Some are simply negligent, allowing themselves to smoke or drink during pregnancy, which is undoubtedly bad for the health of your baby.

We offer you not just to choose a surrogate mother from our database – we will provide full support for your pregnancy. We take full responsibility for examining such women, transferring your embryo, as well as thorough examination at every stage of the pregnancy – from attaching the fertilised egg to the uterine wall up to the birth.

We will provide the full range of necessary services to bring your surrogate to town, find her accommodation, etc. In addition, we will take care of all the legal issues that concern the requirements and conditions for the surrogate mother, such as living and feeding conditions, ensuring the safety of the baby and many others.

All this is based on Ukrainian legislation, so we guarantee you a good outcome.

Due to all the difficulties of finding a surrogate on your own, we strongly recommend you not to look for one yourself. However, it is legal to use the services of your relatives or girlfriends for this purpose. But we strongly recommend you not to do it, because there is a moral and ethical question: how will you communicate with this woman afterwards? Won’t she want to raise the child, see him/her often? Won’t she demand undivided family attention just because she gave birth to a child for you? Won’t a real mother be jealous when she sees a woman close to her carrying her baby, enjoying the thrusts of her belly and talking to him?

Because of these problems we recommend to use the services of an intermediary in order to find a surrogate mother.