Why Do New-Age Consumers Prefer Low Odor Paints?

Whenever a person thinks of renovating their house, the first thing that comes to mind is to revive or change the color of the wall. It can be done using wallpapers or by painting them with fresh and energizing colors. Earlier, when people thought f painting their home walls, there were only a few options regarding color or the type of color to use.

With the changing time and technology, various types of colors are available in the market. These paints are sustainable, eco-friendly, odorless, quick dry, single-coat paint, waterproof and much more. Out of all these options, the type in demand is the

Low odor interior paint (สี ทา ภายใน ไม่มี กลิ่น, which is the term in Thai) mainly by the new-age customers.

Customers demand more sustainable, chemical-free and odorless paints to renovate their homes and make them environmentally friendly. With features like being organic and eco-friendly, these new-age paints are trying to make a difference to the planet and keep sustainability alive.

How Is A Low Odor Interior Paint Beneficial, And Why Should It Be Used?

The mildly scented paints are not hazardous to health and are usually made with organic ingredients. Because of these steps, it becomes safe and convenient for older adults, children, people with asthma and allergic people to survive without any ill effects.

  • One of the significant reasons why odorless paints are suitable is that they reduce carcinogens all around the clock. This eventually helps the housemates to stay in a safe and healthy environment.
  • Usually, strongly scented and chemically curated paints are too strong to resist. People with sensitivity issues may experience allergic reactions to them. But, the odorless paints help prevent irritation and reactions like sneezing, coughing and itchy sensations.
  • These odorless or mildly fragrant paints also help to prevent viruses and bacteria from the house. They keep the place safe and secure from unwanted diseases and viruses of up to 99.99%.
  • Besides being easy to apply on the wall, these paints are also easy to maintain. When you have kids at home, keeping the walls tidy and clean becomes difficult. Hence, these less odor interior paints with light scents are easy to wipe, clean and maintain their finish rather than disrupting the overall look and feel of the house.

Be it the first time or a repeat renovation kind of situation, using less odor or odorless paints is always a safe bet for everyone inside and outside the house.

Hubert Meadow

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