Why Choose Perspex Clear Acrylic Over Glass For Display Cases?

The display cases are an essential consideration when considering a retail space layout. Despite having a simple appearance, the Perspex clear acrylic display boxes from https://www.puffinplastics.co.uk/ can prove paramount for businesses. It is an excellent option that you can use not only to showcase your retail products innovatively but also to keep them safe from potential damage.

That said, not all acrylic boxes are made equally. One must be careful when choosing materials for display cases and prefer acrylic over glass. Read on to know what makes them a popular choice for display boxes.

Why Pick Acrylic Display Boxes?

The glass might have been a standard and popular choice for display boxes, but acrylic is slowly taking over the market because of its exclusive attributes.

They Are Shatter-Resistant

Acrylic display cases are shatter-proof, unlike glass. It keeps the displayed objects safe and prevents bystanders from touching them. Additionally, they also ensure time-friendly maintenance. Clear acrylic display boxes can also withstand impact better than their glass counterparts of similar thickness.

They Are Optically Purer

Clear acrylic can be made more transparent than glass. The acrylic display cases also lack the green tint present in the glass. Thanks to its clarity, bystanders can witness the items on display without any obstacles. Upon using the acrylic display cases, you can also reduce the chances of reflections and shadows. It contributes towards a crystal-clear viewing experience. One can even improve the viewing experience by using a spotlight.

They Are UV-Resistant

One can enjoy displaying their collectables under the sunlight. The acrylic display cases also stop the display items from encountering premature ageing.

They Are Extremely Lightweight

Acrylic display cases are more lightweight than glass versions. It ensures one can hang or fix the acrylic cases on the walls more quickly than the glass. Since they are lightweight, they don’t even include any hazardous issues.

They Are Budget-Friendly

Clear acrylic boxes are less expensive than glass cases regarding materials and labour. Plus, they are cheaper to ship because of their lightweight nature.

They Contain Insulating Properties

One must not overlook the acrylic display box’s insulating properties for particular storage conditions. It will keep the inside object susceptible to heat and cold effects.

Acrylic display cases are a fantastic way of demonstrating products while keeping them safe from outside forces. Acrylic boxes will always be the best material for display boxes. It can keep objects safe from harsh UV light. Additionally, it wouldn’t even result in safety issues if somebody dropped the case or broke it.

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