Which one is better: studying abroad or studying in your own country?

Choices related to your education are some of the biggest decisions you will ever make. Whether to study in India or look further afield at other countries. What course or field of study to take, and will there be flexibility down the line? Every country has its education system, culture and people and, with it, a different way of imparting knowledge and education.

Today, we will discuss the differences between an education at home in India and abroad. This should help students to make an informed decisions. And for any further questions, TheWorldGrad will help you forge a path towards higher education with its variety of offerings at universities all over the world.

How does Indian Education Function?

First, let’s take a dive into our homeland. In India, education is a deep rooted respect for learning and the pursuit of knowledge. However, we can often be more restrictive with our structure. This rigid framework places an emphasis on examinations that do not allow much creative freedom to a student. However, there is a flip side to this as well.

This structure, although initially appearing to be rigid, allows students to get their basics perfected. Once that happens, students tend to know their interests crystal clear. This, in turn, allows the Indian student to achieve expertise in their field through focused studies. However, on the flip side, it does not allow, in most cases, the addition of further focus areas as the years progress.

In India, colleges offering primary fields of education such as psychology would not allow a student to also study marketing or accounting. This focus allows students to specialise in their chosen field, setting them up for a career path that follows through with the same.

The Indian education system, while restrictive, often conjures up magic. Some of the leading figures in agriculture, information technology, automobiles, steel production, infrastructure and more call Indian colleges their alma mater. These tycoons of benefit from a single laser focus on their chosen field, allowing them to flourish.

To pastures new

When you leave India, you are expecting a culture change. Whether the language barrier, moving time zones or just understanding what a place has to offer – the world is very different away from our home land. And the same is true of education, as well.

When pursuing education overseas, you will notice that flexibility is ingrained into almost all top level education. Students can take on vast subjects, like literature, a particular time period in history or even Ancient mythology. As a student, you can have the flexibility to choose to study any of the aforementioned, plus data sciences and artificial intelligence. With such a variety on offer, students are allowed to express themselves creatively and ignite their thirst for knowledge. Hence, more students than ever are choosing to study abroad.

Beyond this, when studying abroad, you have two years before deciding your major field of study. As a student, this allows you to focus your attention and make a better informed choice that will ultimately dictate your career path.

Moving overseas also allows students to grow as people. Walking out of the comfort zone of your home land, you have to adjust. From accommodation to your meals and even your laundry – studying abroad will give you perspective on a wider world. As you meet people from different cultures and backgrounds, students will become truly global citizens.


From the structure and quality of education to the kind of courses on offer and more – education in India and overseas cannot be more different. For students, various options often lead to confusion and can cause delays in pursuing your dreams.

Indian students can avail of financial help or scholarships to help fund their studies – be it in India or abroad – depending on their grades and chosen field of study. You can also pursue an undergraduate degree in India, secure a job and work for a few years, using your savings to move abroad for a further education.

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