What Occurs After Your YouTube Views Reach 1000?

Congratulations on hitting 1k views on YouTube. It is, without doubt, a substantial accomplishment. There are many points that you might have heard you get when you obtain 1k views on YouTube.

Obtaining views of 1k on YouTube isn’t a simple task. Some individuals get YouTube views, as well as some, reach this landmark organically. Once you obtain this quantity of views, there are numerous points you obtain.

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If you are new to YouTube, you may not know what you will get, as well as what not. Therefore, review this post, as well as discover all you require to recognize.

  • Congratulations Email:

As soon as you get views of 1k on YouTube, you will be getting a congratulations Email from YouTube. This e-mail celebrates your accomplishment.

You might believe just 1000 views is not that large of a thing. However, countless YouTube individuals are unable to attain this. Hence, you did a great job as compared to others.

YouTube sends you this email to inform you that you have entered the club currently. Attached to this email is a GIF that consists of bananas. This way of YouTube tells you to appreciate this accomplishment as you have striven for it!

  • The Opal Club:

Now once you obtain 1k views, you reach be a part of the opal club. This club, of which only people from 1000-9,999 views can be a component.

The opal club page tells you how to get discovered. They would tell you how to work together etc. They will also inform you how to connect with your viewers. Finally, it shows you how to grow, as well as discover insights.

Nonetheless, to access all of these details, you do not have to be a part of the team. Instead, you can simply conveniently check out their team.

  • YouTube Partner Program:

YouTube Partner Program is additionally known as YPP. However, to be a part of the YPP, you do not just need 1000 views, however, you will require 4000 watch hours which is 240,000 minutes in one year.

Thus, if you have 1000 views; however, do not have adequate watch hours, you must wait patiently. At the same time, you can have a look at the terms of the YPP, and approve them.

In addition to this, you can link your Google AdSense account to your YouTube channel. More notably, you can service enhancing your content, as well as publishing more videos.

Once you have obtained 4000 hours of views, your application to go into the program will be evaluated, and also within a few days, you will be notified of the acceptance.

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