What is the role played by an import broker?

A customs broker is a major key in import and export. They will ensure that you meet all the federal and international requirements for international shipments. They will advise the clients and help in transacting customs business. This blog will help you understand the role played by an import broker so that you can avoid mistakes and do the needful. Further, they will also help in speeding up the process. 

Client Representation

The import broker has the power of attorney to conduct the business on behalf of their clients. They can take any decision that is required for the business while transacting customs duties. They help in verifying the identity of the individual while the documents are issued. 

Handling the customs transaction 

Import brokers help in filling up the customs forms and get a clean chit so that there is no harassment during the customs transaction. They ensure that all the information like origin country, quality check, weight, and classification code is thoroughly checked to meet the criteria. 

Payment of Duties and Fees

The import brokers can pay directly to and bill their clients the customs duty. In case the client has an automated clearing house account then the fee is directly deducted from the account. You will get a window of 10 days to pay the customs duties from the date of entry. In case the client has overpaid the customs charges, they can request a drawback or refund. The import broker is also liable to pay the annual user fees. 

Skills and Recordkeeping 

The import broker has to keep all the documents in their manner. The documents are valid up to 5 years from the date of entry. It is up to them to keep copies of the active power of attorney. The records that they have to keep should be kept secure and confidential. They do not have the right to share the documents with anyone other than clients or customs. 


All your work and duties during the import will be handled by the import brokers. Ensure that you hire a competent and sound broker with the proper license. You can ask your acquaintance who belongs to the same line of business to ensure that they have a good track record. All the formalities that are involved will be taken care of by the import officer. 

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