What Can You Buy With a VA Loan?

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If you’re a veteran or active-duty service member, a VA loan opens the door to homeownership in Arizona with notable benefits. With this type of financing, you have the power to buy not just traditional homes but also condos and new builds. Customized options are available, too. Certain types of land purchases may qualify under specific conditions.

In Arizona’s diverse real estate market, take advantage of your entitlements; VA home loans offer competitive terms that can make your dream property within reach without requiring private mortgage insurance or a hefty down payment.

Eligible Properties with VA Loans in Arizona

You can buy land in Arizona using your VA loan, but there’s a catch. First off, you need to plan on building your home there without delay. Your purchase must include immediate construction plans for approval by a VA lender who checks every box, from utility connections to federal building codes. It has got to be free from flood risks or too much noise, with no spots near trash dumps or prone to landslides either! 

Also crucial: living there yourself after it’s built, sticking within four units max. An expert hand leads the way, ironing out the details. A VA home loan in Arizona unlocks the perfect plot of land, aligning with vital eligibility criteria. 

Navigating Arizona’s VA Home Loan Limits

In Arizona, you can secure a VA home loan with no down payment. There’s help for closing costs, too. You might face some upfront fees: think interest, taxes, and insurance prepayments. Programs exist offering grants to squash these expenses, meaning you could buy a house without digging deep into your pockets.

For instance, sellers may shoulder up to 4% of closing costs for you.

Exploring Multifamily Options for Veterans

As a veteran, you’re entitled to use your VA loan for multifamily living. Yes, with this powerful benefit, buying up to a four-unit property is possible. Remember that one unit must be where you live; the rest can help pay your mortgage if rented out, what we call house hacking.

Buying commercial properties doesn’t fit within these rules. It’s clear-cut. VA loans are strictly for places calling home first and foremost. But stay keen: mixed-use buildings offer unique opportunities provided they keep commercial activities contained, a maximum of 25% of total space allowed by regulation. Make sure any additional units underpin what really counts, coming back each night to somewhere truly yours.

Blake Mortgage understands the versatility of VA loans. You have options beyond buying a traditional home: select condos, modular housing, and even build your dream residence from scratch. Certain restrictions apply to properties like investment homes or vacation spots that don’t qualify.

Always consult with professionals who specialize in these unique lending products for tailored advice on how you can utilize a VA loan effectively within its guidelines for your homeownership goals.

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