What Brings Termites to Your Home?

Termites can cause serious property damage. However, there are steps you can take to prevent them from infesting your home in the first place. Professional pest control involves solid prevention strategies to help you save your home from damage. As a homeowner, you need to know what could bring termites to your home and how to eliminate existing termites. Also, you should recognize the importance of working with pest control professionals when handling a termite issue.

Why Termites Infest Your Home

A termite infestation can happen depending on the kind of termite. You must know what draws them to your house to determine how to prevent them. Here are the different species of termites:

  • Damp wood termites. These termites prefer moisture-damaged or weakened wood. Poor drainage, a lack of airflow, and leaky pipes that cause moisture to build up can make wood appealing and vulnerable to these species. 
  • Drywood termites. These termites look for moisture-free dry wood. Often, they are drawn to wooden structures, wood fencing, and trees. That is why these species can thrive in your house. 
  • Subterranean termites. These species are also drawn to wood exposed to moisture. But they require easier access to wood than other species of termites. These termites live underground, so they often find damaged wood available on the ground like wood piles and fallen trees. 

How to Prevent Termites from Infesting Your Property?

To keep your property free of termites, have a pest professional inspect it and treat an existing infestation. This professional can inspect your house and property to identify particular risk factors for these pests. This way, you can do something to address them. Then, they can pick prevention treatment options to ensure termites do not invade your property again. While it can be hard to fully prevent all termites, you can minimize the possibility of an infestation by considering the following tips:

  • Store firewood properly. Stacks of firewood must be stored away from your house, beneath a bug-proof cover, and off the ground.
  • Examine furniture and firewood. Before you bring firewood or used furniture into your house, examine it carefully for termite damage such as rotten spots, cracks, and holes. 
  • Clean up the yard. Get rid of old tree stumps, big branches, and fallen trees from the yard. 
  • Address plumbing and roofing issues. To minimize the risk of moisture damage, repair plumbing and roofing leaks right away. Such damage can draw termites. 

What to Expect From Professional Termite Control Services

Termite control experts can help you prevent and treat a termite infestation. They will carry out a thorough property inspection and determine the best way to treat the problem based on your home’s unique characteristics. If there is an ongoing termite infestation, technicians can address it using advanced technologies and share advice on how to avoid another infestation. 

Once you notice signs of termites, call a termite control company right away. An expert can utilize tools, equipment, and products that may not be available to you on the market. Also, they can identify points of entry and risk factors in your house, so you can avoid future termite issues. 

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