What are the 6 Best things to do with your kids in Dubai?

If you want to visit Dubai with your kids, there are multiple options to avail yourself of in Dubai. You will get plenty of information after reading this article from the start till the end. Some of the best options are listed below: 

  1. Desert Safari with Kids: If you’re thinking of taking the Dubai Desert safari tour, but you aren’t sure what you can do in Desert safari and where to go, whether it’s secure for kids or not. If kids are allowed to go, what will be the best options to avail during desert safari Dubai

The desert adventures are among our suggested things to do in Dubai with Children!. It is undoubtedly a highly recommended option in UAE if you want to enjoy yourself with your family and kids. 

Why Should you bring your Kids on Desert Safari Tour?

In our one-year journey, we want to visit and experience an eastern middle eastern country. We were unsure of which destination we should visit first, but we finally settled to go to one of them in UAE. The actual takeaway is we entirely enjoy visiting the tour with our kids by creating fun of every moment that we feel during our trip. 

  • Have a Different Perspective on the Burj Khalifa

Ascending the highest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa is the perfect playground boast for your children. With a height of 828 meters (2,717ft) high, this iconic skyscraper on your bucket list should be a must. 

From the bottom, the views are breathtaking; however, at the top of the observatory at the 148th level at 555m up, you can enjoy the view that is insane. It seems like you are far enough away from the earth that it’s as if you’re viewing your own backyard in Google Maps. 

  1. Enjoy a Day trip into the future with Kidzania.

They grow up so quickly, do they not? Its never been more evident than in KidZania, the city that is scaled down that is run by your kids. Within a matter of minutes, your youngsters will become mini-adults, learning to drive, going to university, opening bank accounts, shopping at the local supermarket while saving and spending their Kindszos with the currency earned through their work. 

There are over 40 jobs that kids could try in this 7,000 square meters of space, including positions at the TV studio or radio station and on to becoming cashier at a department store as well as a hotel housekeeper or firefighter. Kidzania is believed to be the best place for kids in UAE. 

  • Dance to the Dubai Fountain

Visit the downtown area to see the man-made Burj Khalifa lake for the spectacular Dubai Fountain view. It was designed by the same company responsible for Bellagio’s fountains in Las Vegas, this elaborate 275m long fountain shoots water up to 152 meters into the air, mixed with classical Arabic music. This breathtaking dancing fountain view is amazing for your kid. They will remember this forever. 

  • Enjoy a Glass-bottomed tour on a boat within the Dubai Mall.

Shopping at the mall for hours on end isn’t the kind of thing that you’d want to encourage your kids to do. However, it’s worthwhile jumping in a Armthorpe Taxi and making the effort to visit Dubai Mall.. It’s so big that in addition to all the designer stores, it has a huge dinosaur skeleton that dates back 155 million years and an indoor waterfall, an ice rink that’s huge, an indoor theme park, and the impressive Dubai Aquarium. 

The aquarium is 10million liters and features a walk-through tunnel of 48m. There are black leopards, eagle sharks, and a huge group of fishes weighing as much as 360kg. There is a huge collection of sand tiger sharks anywhere in the world. You can also go on a glass-bottomed boat cruise across the massive tank and give your kids an insider’s view of the fish feeding. You must visit this place with your kids. 

  • Thrill Them by visiting them Park in Dubai

Dubai parks and resorts combine three theme parks as well as an aquatic park, all within one place. If you have children ages between 2 and 12, you’re likely familiar with Legoland. Dubai’s version has over 40 attractions, rides, and other attractions. Children younger than two can visit Legoland water park for the opportunity to construct their own rafts and put them through the tests. 

In other places, color and music, dance rides, and melodrama collide in Bollywood park, while motion gate theme par may be popular with British children, as it offers excitement that is based on films of the most popular Hollywood studios, including dream works. 

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