Tips to Buy the Best Mirror

A mirror serves a dual role as a necessity and ornament in a home, making it possible to install one in your bathroom, living room, bedroom, or wherever you see fit. In other words, a mirror can act as a commendable investment in your home. The market hosts a variety of selections of mirrors that may leave you undecided. Do you need a buying guide to help you choose the most suitable mirror? Do not worry, follow this guide.

Size matters

In addition to its shape, the size of the mirror is essential to consider. A small mirror makes the room appear cluttered and underwhelming, while a large mirror takes up too much room. To measure the mirror’s proposed site, take the wall’s measurements, or get an estimate based on the room’s size. Choose a mirror whose dimensions are roughly two-thirds the width of the piece of furniture under which it will be placed. If you’re going to hang it over a chest of drawers or a console table, the mirror’s width will be two-thirds of that piece of furniture’s width.

Placement and purpose

Most significantly, where do you want to hang your mirror, and what do you want it to do? You’ll want to use it in the morning to groom while brushing your teeth and washing your face simultaneously, and you’ll want it to be simple. However, all other applications will be different. Aside from your bathroom mirror, think about where you want to place other mirrors.

Frame and style

There are different styles of frames for the mirrors: modern and elegant, and vintage and intricate. The choice of the frame should depend on the general view of the room where the mirror will be placed. In traditional or rustic houses, a wooden frame with an intricate pattern or a rough surface is the best option. In contrast, frameless mirrors or those with a thin metal finish best suit modern and minimalistic design.

Reflective surface

The quality of the glass. Of course, it is evident the glass has to be of the highest quality, and the reflection must be clear and not distorted. Do not take glass with visible distortions, bubbles, or a variety of defects inside the glass. Decide on what type of glass to use, it might be standard, bevelled edges, or safety glass according to your preference and choice.


Lighting is another consideration that can dramatically alter a mirror’s perceived appearance or use. For grooming or make-up utilizing a mirror, be sure to use adequate lighting to eliminate shadows and make everyone visible much more clearly. For a mirror used in design or creative installation applications, consider the amount of natural and artificial light that may be distorted or reflected by the mirror surface. Mirrors reflect light as well and can make a room feel naturally brighter.

Maintenance and durability

Just like windows, all mirrors should regularly be cleaned to maintain their best exterior. Before starting the purchasing journey, make sure that your mirror is convenient to clean and the material is quality. Always go for quality materials that are hard to get wet or scratched. More so, always but mirrors with an accredited fitting backing or firm that secures the wall installation position.


It is a lengthy process to consider and decide on what is the best mirror to buy based on dimensions, where to put it, its appearance, the material of the reflective surface, what should back-light it, and many other factors. However, the mirror that is just right, the one that satisfies your needs and taste is worth it. A good mirror can make your living room seem larger, your floor bigger, shine reflected sunlight, and add sophistication. The sofa may be used to enhance the mirror.