Styling Tips For Men’s Sneakers & Slip-Ons

Footwear is both a need and a form of self-expression. Do you think of yourself as a quirky individual or a fiery person? One can tell a lot about your personality, going by your preferences in footwear. It’s truly all in the shoes (wink!)

You can’t leave the house without your shoes, no matter the situation or occasion, so we believe that good footwear is a vital aspect of any outfit. They create confidence in you and assist you in completing your style with the perfect finishing touch! Sneakers and Slip-Ons are somewhat opposites, but then they’re not. We do know that both are indispensable to a well-stocked men’s wardrobe.

  • Men’s Sneakers

Sneakers are the most adaptable and comfy footwear available out there! They come in various shapes, sizes, and colours, and they’re also fairly adaptable so that you can wear them with practically any outfit throughout the year.

How To Style Them

Putting together an ensemble with them is straightforward once you grasp the do’s and don’ts of wearing snazzy shoes. There are many different styles of sneakers to choose from, so there is something for everyone. When styling your appearance with shoes, keep the following in mind:

  • Big pants are a no-no for sneakers; they should not swallow your shoes, so get them tailored or pin up the end of your pants for a more defined look.
  • Although sneakers are extremely adaptable, they are not suitable for formal footwear. You can wear sneakers with various off-duty outfits, including certain casual, unstructured suits, but they aren’t appropriate for every situation.
  • Keep them neat and tidy. The effect is lost if your sneakers aren’t spotless, no matter how cool they are. Maintain your sneakers by keeping the laces clean, letting them air out in the sun, brushing the outsoles, and using shoe trees and sneaker shields.

Slip-Ons For Men

Now that the weather is warming up and the holidays are approaching, it’s time to give your feet a break. Fortunately for you, Slip-ons are exactly what you need, not to mention that they go with almost every summer outfit.

How To Style Them

It’s critical to think about the big picture while selecting slip-on sandals. Consider the event and your current wardrobe: do you require slip-ons to match a specific set of pants, or are you looking for casual slip-on shoes?

  • For a laid-back everyday style, pair sporty sliders with lightweight jersey shorts.
  • While slip-ons or sandals aren’t permitted at work, they’re a terrific way to achieve a fashionable semi-casual style.
  • Socks and slip-ons, traditionally considered a fashion no-no, are making a comeback on runways worldwide. Thick, textured socks can help counteract the lightness of your slip-ons.
  • When it comes to slip-on shoes, it’s common to size up for comfort. On the other hand, if the pair is too loose, the shoes will not provide appropriate support for your feet. So, opt for a pair of slip-on shoes that fits comfortably and doesn’t rub your feet.

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