Pros And Cons of Dentures

If you have lost your teeth due to any oral health issues or accident and face difficulty while speaking and eating, dentures might be a life savior for you. Dentures have become a very popular dental treatment in British Columbia because of their affordable price and easy maintenance. They can be easily cleaned and do not require any removal.

Unfortunately, these affordable dental treatments have some downsides as well. Despite their durability, they can wear and become loose over time and might require a replacement. Read this blog to learn more about the pros and cons of wearing dentures. However, if you are looking for a teeth replacement, consult with a dentist in Kelowna BC, to know if dentures will be suitable for you or not.

Pros of wearing dentures.

  • They look and feel like natural teeth: One of the most significant advantages of wearing deter is that they look and feel like natural teeth. You can wear them with confidence, as people will not be able to notice and tell if you are wearing dentures. 
  • They will not become loose easily: permanent dentures are strongly fixed on your tooth. Once attached to the implant site, they are difficult to move and do not become loose easily. You can easily speak, chew, and eat without worrying about your dentures falling out of place.
  • They preserve your facial shape: unlike traditional braces that provide loose support and cause the jawbone to shrink, permanent dentures offer good support to your jaw and preserve your facial structure.
  • They are affordable: One of the most affordable dental treatments is dentures. They can be customized according to your preference and prescribed for every age group of patients.
  • They are easy to clean: another good thing about wearing dentures is that you do not need to remove them for cleaning. They can be cleaned through regular brushing, just like your natural teeth.

Cons of wearing dentures.

  • They require an adjustment period: When you get your first denture, you may need some time to get used to it. It may be uncomfortable and may take time to adjust to eating and speaking while wearing them. A dentist will provide you with guidance on how to get adjusted to the dentures quickly.
  • They may cause infection: If the denture does not fit properly, it can cause yeast infections in moist areas around your mouth.
  • They can be difficult to maintain: dentures need to be replaced every few years. Dentures can wear and become loose over time and do not fit like they used to. Therefore, you must replace them with a new set of dentures in every few years. 

If you have one or more missing teeth, visit your nearest dentist to get dentures today!

Laurence Deleon

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