Process of growth marketing

Growth marketing is a full-funnel strategy that assists your business in attracting more loyal customers. You can keep them and convert them into brand advocates by interacting and nurturing your current consumers. This sets it apart from conventional marketing and the seemingly related term “growth hacking.”

Various growth marketing agencies and SaaS marketing agencies help businesses grow with proper growth marketing! The concept seems straightforward, but why do so many companies find it difficult to experience this elusive growth? What distinguishes these fast-growing businesses from the majority of businesses? Is there some undiscovered growth tactic that made these companies so successful easily? The truth is that they merely adhered to a reliable growth marketing process. Instead of heavily relying on tactics, it’s essential to have a reliable process in place.

Learn about growth marketing in this article and how Voxturr can help you accelerate your company’s digital growth with scalable business solutions. For more information, keep reading!!

The Importance Of The Growth Process

According to the Conversion Optimization Report’s current state:

  • Only 32% of small businesses (those employing under 500 people) use a systematic optimization strategy.
  • The percentage increases to only 42% for larger enterprises.
  • 26% of companies only optimize their teams “when necessary.”

Therefore any well-structured growth process still needs to be revised in the sector, no matter how growth experts support it. Every business should consider the future and map out its growth path. Consider that you often work with a vast volume of marketing-related data. You need to concentrate on turning customers into steadfast brand champions rather than getting sucked into vanity metrics. It is only achievable if you thoroughly understand your target client and can use that knowledge to create outstanding user experiences. Without this solid base and adherence to a growth methodology, there is no rationale for expansion. But with proper guidance provided by growth marketing agencies or SaaS marketing agencies like Voxturr, you can easily accelerate your business’ digital growth!

Identify Which Area Needs the Most Attention

A reporting system that can track the effects of each modification you make must be in place before you can launch a growth marketing experiment. Additionally, it would be best to have a baseline for your company’s performance in the six key metrics categories.

Once you have that baseline data, you can determine which areas you’re working well in and where to improve. After deciding which high-level area you want to concentrate on, divide it into smaller areas of opportunity.

Implement the Experiment

As per suggested by the experts of the growth marketing agencies, it is always preferable to run your experiment for the allotted time or until the statistical significance of your findings. Setting rules before you begin your experiment will assist you in avoiding concluding too quickly. It would help if you exercised patience. It’s typical to observe significant variations drastically when a change is implemented, but those outcomes will decrease with time.

Try to test one thing at a time as well. It becomes more challenging to pinpoint the cause of the findings you see as you add additional variables. Wait until the previous experiment is complete if you are already conducting one there.

Analyze Your Results

The experts at a SaaS marketing agency always refer to compare your outcomes to your original hypothesis after your experiment is complete to get accurate results.

  • Have you achieved your goals?
  • Did you see unsatisfactory results that demand more investigation?
  • How can you use the results of your experiment to enhance further the procedures used by your business if it confirms your hypothesis or exceeds your expectations?

Ensure your control or baseline is closely related to your experiment while analyzing your data. If your experiment’s subject has a seasonal component, you should compare your findings to that season.

Start Your Next Experiment

A growth marketing experiment aims to affect a KPI measure that impacts your entire business metric area. If your experiment’s outcomes significantly enhanced your business’s performance in that area, you have to repeat step 1 and choose the subsequent region for development.

Suppose your experiment didn’t help you reach your objective. In that case, start over at step 2 and consider other ways to affect your KPI or other metrics that may impact how well you’re generally doing in the area where you’re experimenting.

How can Voxturr help you to accelerate your digital growth?

Do you have a team that is qualified to face up against the opposition and expand your business? No? At every level of the marketing and sales funnel, businesses today need full-stack growth solutions, regardless of whether they are SaaS or eCommerce. That’s certainly been the case with the clientele we’ve had or have now.

According to research, 44% of businesses prioritize customer acquisition, compared to 18% prioritize customer retention. However, the AARRR (Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral, and Revenue) paradigm is how Voxturr optimizes and improves your entire business. At Voxturr, we use scalable business solutions to boost your digital growth. Our B2B marketing agency will assess market trends, evaluate your competition, and assist you in expanding your company.


Growth marketing, or “growth hacking,” as it’s often known, has assisted numerous businesses in maximizing their strategies, which is why it’s popular right now. Growth marketing agencies can help you out with growth hacking! Growth marketing is a disciplined, data-driven approach to raising a particular area of your company’s performance.

When it comes to growth marketing agencies, no company can match the quality provided by Voxturr. Voxturr is a well-known growth marketing agency and a Saas marketing agency that provides innovative business solutions for digital growth! Growth marketing is something you do after a while. Growth marketing comes into play when you’re trying to go above and beyond all of those efforts and already using best practices.

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