Know A Few Tips When You Are Shipping Cars to Florida

If you have to move to a long-distance place like Florida, thenyou cannot consider driving your own car to the new destination. Not only will it be time-consuming, but also too exhausting and expensive as well.

This is where you must consider Ship A Car, Inc. for your South Florida Car Shipping who can safely transport your car at a very reasonable cost. You can rather think about moving your other belongings safely.

You should know that Florida State is one of the largest states in the country. It is the third most populated place in the US.

Also, it may take very long hours (at least 10 hours) if you to start from Pensacola and travel to Miami. While California has almost 3-times the landmass of Florida, Florida has a long coastline.

Florida is known as a tourist destination and most families like to enjoy the following:

  • Amusement parks
  • Disney and Universal
  • Cape Canaveral
  • Many beaches

The following are a few useful tips if you prefershipping your car successfully in Florida.

1.     Do research

To start with you must do proper research to find a suitable shipping company for transporting your car. This may take some time and you need to read the reviews online properly to zero in for the right company.

2.     Check licensing and insurance

Here you need to exercise caution as there are many companies that may not have any insurance. Also, some of the companies may not be properly registered companies as well.

3.     Negotiate the cost

Try to get a free quotation from a few numbers of companies and properly negotiate the right price.

The following are a few variables that will decide the price.

  • The size of your car
  • Distance that needs to be covered
  • Fuel cost
  • Traffic in the route of your shipping area
  • What route the driver will take
  • The season

4.     Be clear when you should book

You must know how many days of your own movement you must book and hand over your car. It is always better to book much in advance rather than waiting for the last days as it can become too hectic.

5.     Know the picking up times

Decide with the transporter when he is going to pick your car so that you are ready with your car.

6.     Choose your location

You need to decide both your pick-up and collecting location in your destination city to avoid any confusion. Some transporters also offer door-to-door services with a few additional charges.

7.     Prepare and inspect your car

Prepare your car as required by the transporter and also properly inspect the car and take a few photographs too. You may also give a copy to your transporter and re-inspect at the destination end.

If you have done everything carefully and properly then shipping any car to Florida can be a breeze. You can have peace in mind by choosing a reliable shipping company.


Shelly Lindsey

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