How to Operate Pallet Inverter Safely?

The pallet inverter is a practical and simple machine used in warehouses and numerous other locations as follows where regular loading and unloading activities take place, such as:

  • Automotive industries
  • Food, distribution industries
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Retail operations.

Most items that are carried or prepared for delivery are stored on pallets. Occasionally, the pallet may experience damage that renders it useless and necessitates replacement.

Every day, pallets benefit shipping workers. They make it easier for large shipments of commodities to reach their destinations. But occasionally, in order to store items more permanently, the shipping of products must transition from a wooden pallet to a plastic pallet.

In order to stop the materials inside the shipment from settling, the goods might also need to be turned. A pallet inverter saves the day in this situation.

A pallet inverter is a device used to turn over pallets while they are still filled with goods, and it was created by a reputable company like Top Industries Inc.

Pallet turning facilitates the movement of products to new pallets, prevents the contents from settling, and can even be used to replace a broken pallet.

Safety protection measures:

The safety grating-equipped equipment will immediately alarm without turning over if a forklift or people are in the working area.

Thanks to its multiple limit protection, safety guarantee, and mechanical limit device, it can also ensure the entire safety of the machine and the operator in the event that the electronic control malfunctions. The device also has an upper restriction for overweight users.

Technical requirements and instructions for the equipment

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  1. Use a multi-speed vector controlled, stable, and dependable motorised forklift to load and unload the items.
  2. If there is a power outage while the machine is turning, the electromagnetic brake motor will automatically lock and stop rotating; there will be no possibility of reversing the condition.
  3. To successfully prevent the product from toppling over, the flip angle can be adjusted to be less than 180⁰.
  4. All bearings and pneumatic components are chosen from reputable domestic professional manufacturers.
  5. It should be capable of operating in both forward and reverse directions in a 180⁰ cycle.
  6. A transmission mechanism box with a reasonable design, manual operation, and cyclical work.
  7. The operability and maintainability are enhanced by the installation of a separate control cabinet. Between the operation box and the host, 5-10 M line control operation is used.

In addition to that the following measures will also help to increase safety in your pallet inverter operations.

  1. Proper training for the operators
  2. Offer personal protection equipment to operators
  3. Enforce clear area around the pallet inverter
  4. Repair and maintain the equipment properly
  5. Educate your operators on the importance of observing proper safety at work
  6. Always report if any problem ever occurs.

Top Industries Inc., which is a Florida-based company was always at the forefront of offering safe material handling equipment including different pallet inverters as well. Here is Linkedin profile of this company to know more details about such equipment.

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