How Can You Prevent Foot and Toenail Fungus?

Have you ever experienced fungal toenails? It was probably not very attractive. Your nails may appear thick, yellow, and cracked as a result. When you try to wear shoes, they could even hurt. Prefer a laser toenail fungus removal if you have ever got it.

The most common places to occur are the shared common areas like bathrooms, toilets, and locker rooms, but it can also develop within your sweaty, tight-fitting shoes too.

Such laser toenail fungus might be challenging to treat. There is a danger it could develop into a more serious infection if you don’t take care of it. The best thing you can do is figure out how to prevent its reoccurrence.

The fungus can be prevented from growing on your toenails quite easily with proper laser treatment for toenail fungus by an experienced podiatrist.

The following are a few ways to prevent their occurrence.

1.      Keep your feet dry and clean

Every day, wash them with soap and water. Once they have been thoroughly dried off. Get on your toes as well. Clean nails and dry feet are less likely to develop a fungus. Avoid walking barefoot in public.

2.      Change your shoes and socks regularly

You must put on a fresh pair of socks every day. Wear several pairs of shoes frequently and give your shoes a rest. When exercising or walking, change your socks and shoes as soon as possible if your feet start to perspire.

3.      Use the right footwear

When your feet are confined in constrictive, warm shoes and stockings, fungus grows. Make sure you have enough area for your feet to breathe and are not overly tight.

4.      Trim your toenails

Cut them off short and in a straight line. Be careful not to cut them so that they poke into your toe’s sides.

5.      Use foot powder

After taking a shower and drying your feet, sprinkle some powder. It will aid in defending you against fungi, such as the athlete’s foot.

6.      Keep tools clean

Every time you use your scissors, files, and nail clippers, clean and sanitize them.

7.      Skip the nail polished if you can

Sometimes, wearing such faux nails can retain moisture, which is ideal for the growth of fungus.

8.      Choose a clean nail salon

Find a salon that has a license from your state and appears to be well-kept. Ensure that they clean all of their equipment before and after each use.

9.      Use an anti-fungal cream

This may prevent a recurrence of toenail fungus if you have had one in the past. Once or twice a week, apply an over-the-counter or prescription product to the bottoms of your feet and nails.

10.  Throw away old slippers and shoes

The fungus may flourish in them. Before putting on your new shoes each morning, spray them with an anti-fungal solution.

11.  Check your toes and feet regularly

Visit the doctor if you notice a change in your nails’ color or texture. This is your opportunity to observe a fungus in its infancy.

Go for toenail fungus laser treatment instead of living with this issue.


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