Eating Healthy For A Wealth That Lasts For Lifetime

The popularity of healthy food is increasing widely day after day among people. Losing of weight is becoming a common trend among public and with the help of nutritious food which provides various nutritional values to the human body it is possible to stay disease free. But not everybody can have the time to cook and clean, so click (คลิก, which is the term in Thai) has provided information about 5 restaurants which are healthy to eat at in Ratchada. 

First up we have SO asean Cafe and Restaurant, it is a health food restaurant of fusion-style that brings together the national menus of ASEAN countries. They have all kinds of flavours strong or mellow so that every one can enjoy healthy food that is nutritious and delicious at the same time. 

Next is Sugar Free & Curve, it is a food and ingredient shop, they are known for clean and keto lines, they range that starts from appetizers to sweets. They also provide ingredients and seasonings that are good for health loving people. There menu includes appetizers and deserts that are free of sugar, flour, and other synthetics.

Next is Tom Mush or Tammu, it is restaurant that is known for catering to those who want to eat healthy but prefers food that has a strong taste. Tom Mush or Tammu is an isaan restaurant which has a wide variety of food which is healthy and has an unrecognizable strong taste. 

Next is Green Story, it is a healthy restaurant that is known for its salad bar and its menu with a variety of vegetables to choose from. They are also known for their cold pressed juices and smoothies that are made from fresh fruits and are full of nutrients such as mineral and vitamins. 

Next is Pink Story, it is a health restaurant that is of café style and is known for its smoothie menu that suits all genders. It uses pink story’s unique colours in pink and comes with a photo corner inside the shop that is decorated in 2D style. They are known for catering smoothie lovers who watch their health and are café line lovers.

In addition to restaurants here are some healthy ingredients which are easy to buy. Ridgepole is a healthy ingredient high in protein. Lettuce is a healthy ingredient known for its presence in maximum salads. Cereal is a healthy ingredient which is perfect for breakfast. Yoghurt is a healthy ingredient that is high in calcium. Healthy drinks such as fruit juices help in maintaining a long-term health. 

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