Distribution boards for your electrical system

If you are planning for an efficient and safe distribution of electrical energy in your home or office, distribution boards are the perfect tool for that. A distribution board is an essential part of the electrical distribution system that efficiently divides the incoming electrical feed among several secondary circuits.

Such a precise distribution of electricity helps to isolate parts of the secondary circuits whenever needed. A distribution board ensures complete safety due to the presence of fuses,  circuit breakers and RCDs in them. This offers protection from any fire hazard to the entire building. The following is a quick guide to distribution boards and their features.

Main features of distribution boards:

Distribution boards have the following characteristic features. They are:

  • Provide safety:

Distribution boards consist of several key elements of safety. They are known as circuit breakers that act like fuses. A fuse is an essential part that aids in preventing an overflow of current through the circuits. When an excessive current flows, the fuse gets triggered and disconnects the supply, thereby protecting your home or office from fire hazards.

  • Good for aesthetics:

Distribution boards are not just electrical components that ensure safety. They add to the aesthetic value of your walls with stylish and modern get-ups. They are fabricated with compact and smart designs that can easily fit on any wall, be it your home or office. Thus, distribution boards assure you of complete safety with quality designs that are good to look at.

  • Simple user interface:

Distribution boards are very easy to handle. They are user-friendly and easy to install and maintain. To ensure the longevity and protection of your electrical distribution, you must choose distribution boards with proper designs and ease of accessibility.

Types of distribution boards:

There are two types of distribution boards. They are:

  • Single door distribution boards:

A single door distribution system is meant for simple applications that are available in three kinds of variations known as 4-way, 8-way and 16-way. These are mainly used for domestic purposes in residential buildings.

  • Double door distribution boards:

A double door distribution board is designed for heavy-duty functionings in industrial and commercial buildings. It is primarily used for business purposes.

Tips to handle distribution boards:

Adopt the following methods to enhance the longevity of your distribution boards.

  • Keep the distribution boards in a cool and dry environment. Do not place them near water.
  • Distribution boards are highly combustible. It is advisable to keep them away from any source of ignition.
  • Protect your distribution boards against corrosion.
  • You can place a safety warning near these boards to avoid health hazards.

Install them right:

One of the most important factors for installing electrical distribution boards is the ease of accessibility. A cool and dry place would be ideal for the installation. The distribution box should be kept in clean and dry corners of buildings for aesthetic reasons. The corners must be free from any source of ignition. You can also opt for innovative ways to cover your distribution boards to avoid the accumulation of dust.

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