Betting futures and props- Expanding your betting options online

New sports bettors often limit themselves to spreads, totals, and money lines. However, futures and prop bets open up a wider range of wagering possibilities. Here’s an overview of these exotic bet types to grow your betting acumen.

Understanding futures bets

As the name indicates, futures focus on longer-term outcomes further in the future. Rather than individual games, you’re betting on things like:

  1. Championship and division winners
  2. Team season win totals
  3. Player stat projections
  4. Awards like MVP, Rookie of the Year, Cy Young, etc.

The key benefit of futures is the opportunity for massive payouts on a small bet if you accurately predict outcomes before the season. For example, เกมออนไลน์ได้เงินจริง $100 on the Braves to win the 2021 World Series at +2500 odds would’ve paid out $2,500!

Prop bets explained

Proposition or “prop” bets zero in on highly specific scenarios within matches rather than just the final score. Common prop bet examples include:

  • Player performance props like total yards/points
  • Team props like the number of turnovers or penalties
  • In-game scenarios like the result of the opening coin toss

Props provide tons of action on sports minutiae. Instead of just the Rams beating the Raiders, you can bet on Cooper Kupp’s receiving yards or the exact time of the first TD. This creative variety keeps sports betting fun and engaging.

Tips for futures and props

Here are some tips to incorporate futures and props successfully:

  • Look for longshot value – With massive fields like the Super Bowl or NBA Finals, find teams offering big odds that have the potential to surprise. The bigger the potential payout, the smaller bet you need to risk.
  • Bet player milestones – Projecting stats like QBs passing yards or RBs hitting over/under on rushing totals offers strong edge potential.
  • Focus on your expertise – If you know a specific team or player extremely well, bet props and futures in your wheelhouse. Your deep insight can provide an advantage.
  • Manage bankroll – Don’t allocate too much of your bankroll to these volatile bets. 1-5% per wager is a good rule of thumb.
  • Shop for best odds – Lines and odds can vary significantly across sportsbooks. Make sure you get the highest payouts available.

Futures and props allow you to put your sports knowledge to profitable use. The more obscure the wager, the more potential value you can gain from analytical edges. Just be sure to target areas of genuine expertise rather than betting blindly. No matter if you’re an NBA stats junkie or obsess over NFL film, there are prop and futures markets tailored specifically to your sports strengths. Expanding your betting horizons leads to a wider world of both profit and fun!

Laurence Deleon

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