Best Vastu Consultant in Nagpur: Crucial Vastu Tips for the Living Room

The living room is the heart of the house, where you sit on your cozy furniture and have fun with your family members. And this is the room where you greet your guests and have important discussions with them. Therefore, the living room vibes must be positive and welcoming says the best Vastu consultant in Nagpur

Vastu is very important in changing the vibes of a room. You might have observed me telling people that whenever we sit in our living room, we end up fighting; my friends find too much negativity in my living room, etc. To avoid such things, you need to work on the Vastu of the room. If you are also looking for some tips, you are in the right place. In this article, we have shared some very crucial Vastu tips that will help in changing the complete vibe of the room and turning it into a more positive one. 

  • Your main door is the door through which all energies enter the home. But we will want to welcome only positive energy inside the house. To make it possible, your main door must face the north, east, or northeast direction. Decorate your main door with a beautiful nameplate and a floral toran. 
  • Avoid keeping the dustbin or shoe rack in front of the main door. Placing them in front of the main door will attract more negative energy inside the house. It is your entrance, so decorate it with indoor plants, have sufficient lighting in front of it, and make it look more welcoming. 
  • Next comes the sofa set. Place it in the west or southwest direction of the living room. If you want to place your television or any other electronics in your living room, place it in its southeast direction. 
  • If your living room and dining space are combined, then make sure your dining area is situated in the east or southeast direction of the room. Try to keep it close to the kitchen for easy access to the food. It saves too much energy and time for the person. 
  • Next comes the color selection for the room. It is the center of attraction for the whole house, and you cannot choose any color for it. People will judge the interior of the house by just looking at your living room. So, following the interior design tips and combining them with the Vastu norms will provide you with great solutions. You can choose lighter shades like white, cream, beige, light pink, etc. for your living room. The dining space can be colored with peach, light orange, saffron, etc. All these colors add more positivity to the room. 
  • You should also be careful while keeping the décor items in the room. Placing them incorrectly can also impact the negative flow of energy in the house. Many people place paintings of a sinking ship, a crying baby, etc., in their living rooms. Strictly avoid such paintings. Keep a regular check on the electronics, like wall clocks. Replace your broken showpiece with the new one. 

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