All You Need To Know To Take Care Of Different Drinkware Items

Switching over from disposable water bottles to reusable ones is, of course, any day a better idea. This is because the landfills are getting way too filled with such stuff that is only contributing towards polluting and degrading nature. Thus, you have taken the first step towards your part in contributing to and helping it.

And so, if you are worried about how to get water bottles, then rest assured that you can buy water bottles online from all reputed and branded stores in town. They have all the facilities to help you in doing so. But just as reusable water bottles are a much better and safer option; they also require proper care to be reused without causing any harm to the body by drinking from them.

The Various Types Of Water Bottles

Water bottles can be made from various types of materials, namely plastic, aluminium, stainless steel, and glass. Apart from these types of bottles, you also get copper bottles and thermos bottles. Another new variety of water bottles these days is the thermosteel water bottles.

You can choose from a variety of these types of water bottles. And each has different routines for their care which you should know as well.

Things To Consider Before Buying Water Bottles

There are a few golden rules that you should follow before purchasing water bottles online or physically. These rules are enumerated below as:

Check the label on the bottle to make sure that it is BPA free as it is harmful to the body

Try buying glass bottles, as they are a safer option

Try avoiding plastic water bottles as they are harmful to the health

If buying for babies or children, ensure that they are glass bottles for good health, and you can even try buying copper bottles online as they are also recommended for children

If you purchase a glass bottle, you can ensure that they are wrapped in a silicon sleeve so that breakage issues can be avoided and make it a safe choice

While cleaning water bottles, choose your cleaners properly so that the nature of the bottle does not change and cause harm

Even if you must buy plastic bottles, make sure they can be reused. If the bottom of the bottle is marked with a triangle that has the number 1 in it, then it means that you cannot reuse the bottle again, so avoid buying them if you want reusable bottles

The bottles should be leak-proof and made from safe materials

The bottles should be able to store water at the right temperature

Choose bottles that are of the right size and shape for the practicality of usage

How To Clean Reusable Water Bottles?

Even if you buy the best quality water bottles or reusable ones, they need to be cleaned time and again so that the growth of microorganisms in them is prevented. This will ensure a healthier lifestyle for the users of the bottles. There are many ways in which you can clean your bottles, and this must religiously be followed.

You can clean your bottles with warm water and soap. This is probably one of the simplest and commonest ways of cleaning them. So add a few drops of dishwashing liquid or gel into the bottle and throw in some warm water and give it a good and thorough shake for a few minutes with the lid tightly screwed up. Then just rinse the bottle properly and leave it open overnight. to let it dry out completely. Bottles should, from time to time, be left to dry out completely and let sit like that so that it does not allow the growth of microorganisms. This is your hand-washing method.

Washing the bottle in a dishwasher is another way of cleaning them. But for this, you have to know whether your bottle is dishwasher safe or not.

Another way of cleaning the bottles is by using vinegar. This gives a deeper cleaning regime to your reusable bottles. Vinegar can be used after the bottle is cleaned with soap and water. For this, you need to fill 1/5 of the bottle with vinegar and the rest with water and leave it that way overnight. The next morning just throw that mixture out and rinse the bottle very carefully and thoroughly with fresh running water.

Another way of recommended cleaning ritual is by adding a teaspoon of bleach and baking soda to the bottle with water filled in it. This should be left like that overnight, and they and be rinsed the next morning thoroughly. But after it is cleaned, it should not immediately be filled with water. It should be left to dry completely for the whole of the next day for better results.

How To Know That Your Bottle Needs Cleaning?

You must know when your bottle requires some deep cleansing. The first signs are visible when the bottle starts smelling foul. Next, you will also observe that they discolour. That is when you should become alert that your bottle is in requirement of a deep cleaning routine. And these things happen to a bottle faster when they are always filled with water and never aired out. If bottles are stored in wet and dark conditions, these things may also happen.

So, to prevent these things from happening, you can leave the bottle open without any water in it overnight from time to time. Let them sit like that for a few days, even if there is a need for it.

In the concluding note, it can be mentioned that instead of using plastic bottles, which are harmful to health, it is advisable to use thermoflask and other such water storage systems for safer and better health. Plastic should be avoided because after exposure to soap and other cleansing materials regularly, the plastic starts breaking down physically. So, when there are other alternatives in the market, it is better to use them.

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