Advantages of a VIP airport transfer

In a sprawling metropolis, even with advancements in transportation with taxi York, visitors may still encounter challenges in reaching their intended destinations by taxi. That is why pre-arranged Thessaloniki airport transfers will be the best option for travelers.

VIP service description

This is the most expensive transfer. The client does not need to look for a sign with the name and name of the hotel, because the driver will find it himself and take him to the car. The client should rent a car in airport Thessaloniki, and choose a comfortable car with the amenities offered, such as drinks and food, music, and other services. To ensure the safety of the passenger, the list of services often includes an insurance policy.

Benefits of ultra-VIP airport transfer service:

  • The pleasure of the upcoming holiday is already on the way. During the trip, you can have a cup of tea or coffee and see the multifaceted Istanbul
  • The service is more profitable than a taxi, especially for large companies. The price is known immediately unlike a taxi
  • Child seats in cars. To brighten up the tiring road for children, the cars are equipped with TV and DVD

Additional benefits of quality service

Intercity taxis usually have a wide fleet of vehicles, combining modern standard and economy class foreign cars with beautiful executive cars and minivans. People travel comfortably in them, luggage is transported. It is not difficult to choose and order a car on the taxi website, by phone, or through mobile applications. 

Managers find out the details of transportation to the Foros sanatorium or a similar complex. Prices are fixed, and payment is made in cash, on a card, or through online payment systems at rates, which saves money and protects against unscrupulous private cab drivers. They will not require an additional payment in excess of the amount agreed in advance.

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