A Quick Guide For An Amazing Rolex Submarine Date Watch

New and used high-end watches have definitely affected the Rolex market, thanks to the recent surge in interest. When considering buying a Rolex, should one invest in a particular model or type of watch?

The fact that there are so many different types and styles of Rolex watches makes it difficult to make any definitive statements about them. Some may find them appealing, while others find them unappealing. A few Rolex Date Watch have, however, endured time and continue to influence a great number of buyers. Among these is the Rolex Submarine Date Watch, the archetypal dive watch of today.

Submariner “Date”: The History

As well as the launch of Concorde in 1969, the Rolex Submariner “Date” was introduced that year. The existence of a date function was much more important at the time since computers weren’t yet household objects, let alone office objects. 

Rolexes are iconic watches that men might grow accustomed to wearing every day. This made the Submariner “Date” a multipurpose watch with “Professional” functionality. Rather than having a date function only, Rolex offered both in the Submariner “Date”.

Top-Notch Lens Of Cyclops

There are several reasons why the rolex submarine date is a useful feature. In addition to its usefulness and aesthetic appeal, it is also another Rolex model and has a great story to tell. A water drop falling on Wilsdorf’s watch while he was washing his hands gave him the inspiration for the Cyclops lens.

Success That Endures

Cheap quartz watches became increasingly popular in the 1970s due to the recession that lasted well into the decade. Rolex and Submariner remained a luxury brand, regardless of the financial downturn – a reputation that persists to the present day. In addition, the inclusion of a date watch made this watch both more convenient to use while wearing it every day and more useful while wearing it as a tool watch. Rolex has consistently been synonymous with wealth and status, particularly with the Submariner due to its marketing capabilities.

Rolex submarine date’s popularity among men continued to grow into the following decades, which is unsurprising given its everyday yet status-affirming nature. With apps such as Instagram and their live-live-share philosophy, it’s enjoying resurgence recently. One of the biggest beneficiaries was and remains the recognizable, every day and exclusive Submariner Date. Postwar, during an era of hope and prosperity, the Original rolex submarine date was introduced solely as a diver’s watch for use by adventurers.

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