A Great Manufacturing Process Requires The Best Machinery

Thailand’s economy has rebounded to its growth path and has been experiencing accelerated growth since the second quarter of 2022. The economy is expected to experience twice the slow growth of the previous year. In 2020, even amidst the pandemic, Thailand earned a trade surplus of more than 20 billion US Dollars.

Manufacturing and its allied industries have been instrumental in Thailand’s economic growth. Machinery, electronics, electric appliances, integrated circuits, automobiles, automotive parts, etc., have played a major part in Thailand’s growth. Thailand is one of the world’s most prolific auto parts manufacturing hubs.

Linear Motion System

The manufacturing industry requires a ready supply of components. INB enterprises are one of the leading industrial product suppliers in Thailand. The Linear motion system, ball screw, fixed system, and electric actuators. The linear motion system is equipped with rolling guides. They find great utility in mechatronic systems and plants as these Linear motion systems make the process more efficient. The machine tools, production lines, industrial robots, etc., can perform more accurately gauged and precise movements. They find utility in the manufacturing process of semiconductors, liquid crystals, advanced medical equipment, etc.

Ball Screw

The optimal usage of a Ball Screw efficiently converts rotary motion into linear motion. A ball screw needs a torque of less than 30 percent of a sliding screw. Ball screws move control surfaces with great precision. They have used automobile power steering, airplanes, machine tools, robots, precision assembly equipment, etc. Almost zero sliding friction between nuts and screws eliminates backlash in lead screw and nut combinations.

 Fix Stage

  • Fix Stage enables locking a precise position without needing a clamp—a position with no clamp required.
  • It is enabled with an automatic lock mechanism shift in position and backlash of the Stage caused by the external force to the utmost maximum.
  • It’s suitable for tasks such as adjusting camera AF positions, and a precise structure of a direct-acting guide is adopted.
  • The movement is done with the use of a hexagon wrench.
  • Applicable for jobs that do not require frequent adjustments.
  • It is essential to make an informed decision regarding incorporating a fixed stage into the manufacturing process. There are over 100 types of both manual and motorized stages available.

 Electric Actuators

These enable the action or movement of a load utilizing power from an electric motor. It creates a rotary motion with spindles, rotors, etc. These increase the efficiency of choosing an appropriate rotary or linear electric actuator.

It is essential to have the most advanced and optimized machinery for a manufacturing process. The market for assembly work and subcontracting of a manufacturing process is growing. It is essential to be equipped with the best machinery, tools, and processes.

Hubert Meadow

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