5 Trekking Tips Every Beginner Should Know!

Trekking is in trend these days. It is a simple activity that brings people close to nature. The best part about trekking is that you don’t have to be an expert or possess expert skills. The prerequisite is to have a beautiful place where you can go on a trek alone, with family or friends. Consider a serene walk in the forest, Khao Yai (เดิน ป่า เขา ใหญ่, which is the term in Thai) for some fantastic trekking paths. Here are some tips to get you started!

  • Start Training As Early As Possible: 

It is super important to train for your trek. Some people altogether skip this step, which could be better! Start with short walks and gradually increase the duration. Work on building your stamina and get good-quality shoes and socks. Listen to your body and take adequate breaks if it’s your first trek. 

  • Explore Trekking Routes For Beginners: 

Explore all the trekking routes you can go on. Classify them based on the difficulty and duration of the trek. Start with a small, easy path and gradually level up as you learn. Start your journey with a trustable trekking organization; we need a good guide for assistance!

  • Focus On The Quality Of Your Clothes And Equipment: 

Once you know your tracking path, learn about the foreseeable weather conditions and what kind of clothes you should wear. It’s essential to have high-quality clothing like full sleeve T-shirts, proper trekking shoes and track pants. Remember to carry a raincoat and other critical tracking equipment. Investing in fine-quality clothes and equipment will benefit you. 

  • Avoid Drinking And Smoking: 

It is forbidden to trek under the influence of any substance that hinders your capabilities. Don’t have any alcoholic drinks; energy drinks should be your priority. Your diet and health are equally important as your trekking skills, if not more. 

  • Remember The Basics: 

As a beginner, you may forget to carry important stuff, so make a list! Always have a power bank and ensure that it is fully charged. You must possess a physical copy of the trial. When packing your bag, include all the bare essentials such as a torch, clothes, trekking-appropriate food if required, etc. 


Always remember that the more you experience and trek, the more you learn. Trekking is not a skill by birth; it is developed through practice! Begin your trekking journey under the guidance of experts. Choose practice and patience; it will surely be worth it!

Clare Louise

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