4 simple and unique tips to clean a fan

The fan has become a necessity a long-time ago. Though this is too simple and trivial to consider, to give it a thought casually, how many of us even spare some time to clean the blades of our fans!! This question might make us laugh, as we feel this is a tiny thing in our busy lives. But, do you know that unclean fans pave a way for respiratory problems?

 Yes, dirty fans lead to the accumulation of allergens, small mites etc. which cause several issues ranging from cough to fatal asthmatic conditions. Therefore, fan cleaning is something that needs to be given the utmost care, for which the following steps have been specified.

Follow precautions

First, wear a mask and head cap to sufficiently cover the nose, mouth, and head respectively. 

Wear gloves and socks that shall not let the fallen dust go with you wherever you go. It is advisable to wear insulating-material footwear as you will be dealing with an electric appliance.

It is better to wear a plastic jacket as it does not let dust stay on you. Being careless here might cause dermatological problems like allergies and rashes. Please prevent children from coming to the area as they shall be very sensitive to these things.

Organised dusting

Now, spread a disposable sheet on the floor to cover a sufficient area that could attract dust. It is better to wet as it shall prevent further rollover of dust to the floor. Take a vacuum cleaner with a fan-blade duster attachment and, with a low suction, apply it in an organized way. Do it along the lengths and breadths of each blade. This is dry dusting.

Spray some antibacterial solution on the upper parts of the blade. The peak area plays an important role. As it is unexposed to move air, the dust gets accumulated there. Take a wet cloth that absorbs water and apply it with the strokes given during dry dusting.

Vacuum cleaning

Now, it is time to attach the crevice cleaner to the vacuum cleaner and apply it to the interior corners of the fan cup. Never apply wet clothing there as they are full of electric wires. After this, throw that sheet carefully. While folding it, dust might come out of it. Therefore, be careful when disposing of that. Any carelessness at that level shall make our efforts go in vain. Dump off the mask, gloves and head cap carefully into the dustbin.

Be fine and safe

Wash your hands with hand soap and your legs with an antibacterial solution to avoid spreading any dust that may have come with us. These steps may appear longer because most people consider this to be an important part of our daily routine. It is cleanliness, which is said to be second only to godliness. 

However, it is widely acknowledged that it is impossible to engage in these aspects with the utmost care as prescribed in busy schedules. In that case, you can use efficient home cleaning services to help you live healthier lives. Keep in mind that health is wealth.